Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016


Name1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice4th Choice5th Choice
1Yami Crystal Teardrops Aquarius The Tragic Prince Dracula's Castle
(Symphony of the Night)
Lost Painting
2Chernabogue Walking On the Edge Clock Tower
(Aria of Sorrow)
Clockwork Pitch Black Intrusion An Empty Tome
3OA Dracula's Castle
(Symphony of the Night)
Theme of Simon Dracula's Cathedral
4YoshiBlade Castle Center The Gears Go Awry Hail from the Past Reincarnated Soul
5Sir_NutS Vampire Killer Bloody Tears Beginning
6Chalis Dance Hall Castle Corridor Top Floor
7Esperado Forbidden Area Sinking Old Sanctuary Inner Quarters Cordova Town
8HoboKa Divine Bloodlines Crystal Teardrops Treasury Room
9Trism Bloody Tears Silent Madness Floating Garden The Library
10PlanarianHugger Ripe Seeds Picture of a Ghost Ship Praying Hands Revenge Clock Tower
(Aria of Sorrow)
11theshaggyfreak Iron-Blue Intention Banquet of Spirits Psycho Warrior Sinking Old Sanctuary Pitch Black Intrusion
12War Machine Heart of Fire Treasury Room Beginning Battle of the Holy Ruined Castle Corridor
13Gario Beginning Den The Tragic Prince Sinking Old Sanctuary Calling from Heaven
14Supercoolmike Riddle Requiem of the Gods Rainbow Cemetery Opus 13
15Magnetic Ether Inner Quarters Jaws of a Scorched Earth Top Floor of the Castle
16wildfire Abandoned Castle Wandering the Crystal Blue
17Aleix Ramon Gaze up at the Darkness
18Jorito Wicked Child